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Greenberg Public Relations

Whether you are a trade association looking to be part of the debate on key legislation, a business trying to manage a daunting PR crisis, or a nonprofit organization hoping to rally public support for your issue, you need a winning communication strategy.

That’s where Greenberg Public Relations comes in. Our vast communications experience enables you to do what public relations is all about: building a relationship with the people you need to reach.

GPR's strong relationships with influential reporters, editorial boards and other media outlets across New York – and our fluency with the political landscape – make us a compelling and strategic partner for a wide range of clients.

GPR will help you target the right audience. Develop the right message. And help you communicate successfully to meet your organization's objectives.

Greenberg Public Relations • 14 Patriot Circle • Clifton Park, NY 12065 • 518.469.9858 • Fax: 518.383.6156 • steve@greenbergpr.com